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what people say about us

Gillian Greer

Literary Manager, Soho Theatre

"RoughHewn read plays with a care, consideration and generosity that’s rare amongst readers. Their eye for talent and passion for stories and how they are told is a proper gift, and this service would be a huge benefit to any budding playwright with an embryonic script."

Eve Leigh

Midnight Movie (Royal Court), The Trick (Bush Theatre)

"They have a feeling for the real complexities of life, and don't go for smoothed-out dramaturgy, but rather the dramatic warp and pinch that moves the art-form forward. I wish everyone in the industry were like Tamar and Tommo."

Stephen Laughton

One Jewish Boy (Trafalgar Studios, West End)

"The steers I got were not only genius, but really opened up a part of the story that I was struggling with. I can’t recommend RoughHewn enough."

Sarah Kosar

Old Vic 12, Armadillo (The Yard), Mumburger (Old Red Lion & Off The WALL, PA)

"I would cite RoughHewn as the most influential dramaturgs I’ve worked with in my career. Their deep understanding of craft and structure, and an ego-less approach, helped me to write the most truthful and rigorous play I could."

Isley Lynn

Tiny Dancers (National Youth Theatre), War of the Worlds (New Diorama)

"RoughHewn are true collaborators: they always respond directly to the writing and the writer. They never push an agenda or taste on the work, but mine it for what it's doing on its own terms, and direct all their focus towards more fully achieving it.


They're particularly fab at understanding the micro and the macro with equal precision – not only in the work itself, but also the wider context within which the work will sit – and are brilliant at helping you keep those things constantly in conversation with each other.


They are absolutely zero bullshit."

Matt Parvin

Jam (Finborough Theatre), The Noble Nine (Soho Theatre & VAULT Festival)

"I've worked with RoughHewn many times, and I've always found them to be committed, generous, sharp readers of plays – all-round brilliant dramaturgs.


They have a wonderful grasp of tone and gesture, and – with broad experience of different kinds of play texts and theatre pieces – ask the questions that help you make your play into its best possible version."

Zoe Hunter-Gordon

Soho Theatre Writers' Lab, Cecilia (King's Head Theatre)

"They're the best kind of dramaturgs: they take your baby, hold it, tell you it's beautiful... then point out its socks aren't matching.


Whenever they read my work, they somehow manage to articulate better than I can what I'm trying to say – and then get me to say it better.


Magic, worth your every penny – work with them if you can."

Conor Carroll

Soho Theatre Writers' Lab, It Is So Ordered (Pleasance London)

"Sharing my writing, especially when it is at an early stage, can be terrifying for me – but RoughHewn could not have been more understanding of my anxieties. Their friendly and open manner really helped me see the worth in my work when I was struggling to see it.


Their extensive knowledge of the current theatrical climate has been a huge help in helping me to identity which venues to approach with my work, and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to get my writing produced."

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