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Our work can broadly be split into two areas: text and production.

We started out working with playwrights to develop scripts, and that's still most of what RoughHewn does – but text dramaturgy also includes collaborating with directors to shape a new version of a classic to suit their production.

Production dramaturgy basically covers... everything else! We work with makers of all disciplines to support their work at any stage of development – from concept, through workshops, to full production.

Click for more detail if you're a:

if you write

We read your play, and support you as you develop it into the most fully, clearly and powerfully articulated version of itself.

We focus on everything from the finest details of dialogue and characterisation to the broader structure, form and socio-political context, helping you clarify your play's intention and sharpen its potency before tackling the next draft.

We can also help you position your work within the wider ecology of UK theatre, offering advice and guidance on where to send your play next.

We can support you if you are:

  • submitting a play unsolicited to theatre literary departments

  • entering a play into playwriting competitions

  • sending your play to freelance producers, directors and production companies

  • preparing your play for a reading or period of research and development

  • a novelist, poet or other writer extending your practice into theatre

  • generally a bit stuck on the next draft

We work with playwrights from anywhere in the world, as long as the play is written in English.

Here's some more information about what it's like to work with us:


if you direct /make

We collaborate with directors, choreographers, artists and makers, adapting our process to best support yours.

Production dramaturgy can take many forms, and each collaboration will be different. At the heart of it is a rigorous investigation of the creative aims for the project, working with you and your team to build a fully-realised production concept, all the way from first meetings to press night.

We're there to be a sounding board for your ideas, to ask questions, take on research, and bring an outside eye to workshops or rehearsals – supporting you through the process to interrogate, clarify, deepen and nurture your vision through each part of the project.

If you have any questions, just send us an email!

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