what we can't do

We can't get your play programmed.

We're dramaturgs, not producers. Our accumulated reading experience helps us to support you in developing your play and pitching it to the most useful places, but we have no influence over it after that.

We cannot use our relationships with theatres, competitions or press to give special consideration to any script we encounter and/or develop through RoughHewn. We still read for many of the theatres and competitions listed in the who we are section; if one of them gives your play to us as readers following our involvement through RoughHewn, we'll declare our interest and it will be passed on to another reader. 

We can't discuss our readers' meetings with you.

The conversations we have in those contexts – whether about your play or another – are strictly confidential.

We can't tell you how to write a 'good' play.

Without getting too philosophical about it, we don't think value words like 'good' are very much use. Ask ten different people what a 'good' play looks like, and you'll get ten different answers.

So, rather than asking how can we make it good?, we think it's far more helpful to ask:


How can we make it the clearest, fullest, and most theatrically potent version of itself?

We work with every writer, and every play, on their own terms.